Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine

Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine

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Section I:Models in Camelids and Elephants 5. Ionophores: Salinomycin Toxicity in Camelids 6. Emerging Diseases at the Interface of People, Domestic Animals and Wildlife 7. Behavioral Training for Medical Procedures 8. The qBalaiq Directive of the European Union: A Difficult Piece of Veterinary Legislation 9. Encephalomyocarditis Virus Infection in Zoo Animals 10. Avian Influenza Conservation Medicine 11. Disease Management in Ex-Situ Invertebrate Conservation Programs 12. Use of Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers as Monitors of Ecosystem Health 13. Biopsy Darting Section II: Poikilotherms Fish 14. Selected Fish Diseases in Wild Populations 15. Spring Viremia of Carp Virus (SVCV) Amphibians 16. Veterinary Participation in the Puerto Rican Crested Toad Program 17. Amphibian Chytridiomycosis 18. Raising Giant Tortoises Reptiles 19. Reptile Protozoa 20. Fluid Therapy in Reptiles Section III: Avian Medicine 21. Salmonellosis in Songbirds (Order Passeriformes) 22. Veterinary Care of Bustards 23. Medical Management of Curassows 24. Monitoring Avian Health in the Galapagos Islands: Current Knowledge 25. Avian Atherosclerosis 26. Minerals and Stork Nutritions 27. The Veterinary Care of Kiwi Section IV: Mammals Chiroptera 28. Paramyxoviruses in Bats Rodents 29. Medical Aspects of Red Squirrel Translocation Primates 30. Neuroleptics in Great Apes with Specific Reference to the Modification of Aggressive Behavior in a Male Gorilla 31. Occupational Exposure to Zoonotic Simian Retroviruses Carnivores 32. Neurological Disorders in Cheetahs and Snowleopards 33. Imbalanced Diets Compromise Semen Quality in Felids 34. Baylisascaris Neural Larval Migrans in Zoo A / Conditions Affecting Multiple Species 1. West Nile Virus in Birds and Mammals 2. Current Diagnostic Methods for Tuberculosis in Zoo Animals 3. Use of Infrared Thermography in Zoo and Wild Animals 4. Behavioral Clues to the Detection of Illness in Wild AnimalsSection I:Models in Camelids and Elephants 5.

Title:Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine
Author:Murray E. Fowler, R. Eric Miller
Publisher:Elsevier Health Sciences - 2008


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