Welcome to Wally World

Welcome to Wally World

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Welcome to Wally World is a journal of one man's two years in retail management at Wal-mart Stores Inc. The journal qchroniclesq his personal experiences working with the mega-retailer and exposes the good, bad, and sometimes the ugly side of the retail business giant, in a humorous and whimsical way. There is no book like this that gives you a detailed look into to the day-to-day operations at such a grassroots level. If you loved the outrageous and situational comedy of Laura Weisberger's The Devil Wears Prada with the heart felt realism of Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed, you'll love Welcome to Wally World.Written in a journal format, each day tells a different story with familiar themes. While each day ends, another adventure always seems to be just around the corner. Each story stands on its own as a mixture of humor, anecdotes, and some seriousness. Readers will laugh at the hilarious and sometimes insane behind the scenes antics. If shoppers only knew the story behind the scenes and now they do.Welcome to Wally World represents a real qgrassrootsq effort to capture experiences, emotions, and goings on inside the world's largest retailer. A number of books may have been written from the corporate perspective, but this work focuses on the people behind the power-those hardworking clerks and managers who actually move the products and stock the shelves to achieve those sales and gross profits. Having spent nearly two years involved with the detailed experiences depicted in the book, I feel uniquely qualified to bring these stories and anecdotes to the public eye. Mixed with humor, seriousness and irony, Welcome to Wally World is a personal journey of my professional life with the company.The qtake awayq from my experiences with Wal-mart led me to the writing style you'll find in the book. No personal names are used. What is important is that these events portrayed would happen regardless of the individuals involved. The implication is that people are simply qcogsq in the corporate machine. Each day, via diary format, illustrates my belief that the journey was like a series of crazy, wild, and unpredictable qmoviesq or sub-journeys all rolled into one brief career. Each day at work, stood on its own.There are tales about his recent visits to other stores that ranged from him berating some poor slob for having a sloppy backroom, to rumors of him actually wanting to give our Muriel ... Today Butch Cassidy, a head drama queen herself, threw off her coat and stormed around the backroom ... Butch Cassidy went so far as to pretend that the regional VP had just called and he would be coming to our store in 5 minutes. How stupid does she think we are? ... Thata#39;s simply not good enough.

Title:Welcome to Wally World
Author:Stephen Newman, C. D. Newman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-04


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