The Egyptian Mystery

The Egyptian Mystery "School of On (Annu or God)"

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This qSyllabusq is an abridged version of an unabridged multi-media e-Book version. It is theonly single authoritative source on the Biblically cited qSchool of Onq of Ancient Egypt/Kemitthat shows:a.) As alumnae trained such notables as the Egyptians King Scorpion, Pharaoh Menes, Vizier Imhotep, Pharaoh Akhenaten and QueenNefertiti; the Israelites Joseph, Moses and the Greeks Thales, Solon, Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, Hippocrates to name a few;b.) significantly influenced the social religions of the Sabeans, theHebrews, the Assyrians, the Zoroastrians, the Christians and theMuslims as well as the philosophical schools of Athens, Greece;c.) was founded by the aboriginal 4 black African Anu Tribes of the NileRiver Valley with an exhaustive multi-disciplinary analysis of Pharaoh-QueenHatshepsut's qPunt Expeditionq wall relief in her Deir el Bahariburial temple.e.) taught Hippocrates qnutritional herbologyq which isstill the best low cost and sustainable health solution to today'spandemics of nutritionally related diseases; andf.) taught qsustainable agro-forestryq as the basis of the Biblical myth ofthe Gardens of Eden (Aten) which today holds the key to theelimination of chronic poverty of 45% of the earth?s people living on $2or less a day.This aquot;Syllabusaquot; is an abridged version of an unabridged multi-media e-Book version.

Title:The Egyptian Mystery "School of On (Annu or God)"
Author:George Washington Singleton III, George Washington Singleton, 3rd
Publisher:BRCA Incorporated - 2004-01


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